Easter Kid’s Ideas to Add New Fun to Old Traditions, and Create New Traditions with Your Family

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There is more to Easter kid’s ideas than the traditional egg hunt. These ideas will give you a great head start to making old traditions even more fun, and creating some new ones. The primary ingredients are creativity and fun.

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<b>Egg Decorating Party</b> An egg decorating party is likely the most traditional of the <strong>Easter kid’s ideas</strong>; however it can be customized in a variety of ways. Younger kids may simply enjoy the traditional egg dying and some basic painting, etc. Older kids may enjoy exploring their creativity a bit more with more detailed styles and decorations. No matter what age, these ideas are sure to inspire creativity and fun for the whole family. <i>Instructions and Ingredients</i>: For a great egg decorating party, you should have on hand: newspaper, crayons, boiled eggs, glitter, paint and brushes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and markers. Once your boiled eggs are cool enough to handle, you can choose from several different techniques to create the perfect egg masterpiece: <ol><li>Use crayons on still warm eggs for a bold, artistic effect. This idea is great for older kids, teenagers and grownups who want to share their own creativity. </li> <li>Use pipe cleaners and tissue paper to make different types of egg animal, such as bees, bunnies, birds, etc.</li> <li>Use the paints and glitter to make sparkly eggs.</li> <li>Use the markers to add eyes, lines, decorations, etc. on the eggs to give them personality. </li></ol> <i>Why It Works</i>: Having an egg decorating party encourages kids to play together and use their creativity in a way to showcase their work to family and friends. It can also help build relationships and inspire new friendships. <b>Chalk Challenge</b> If you have a large driveway or patio, you can mark off designated spaces with sidewalk chalk far enough apart for child to each have access to one section. <i>Instructions and Ingredients</i>: Give each child a few colors of sidewalk chalk and challenge them to a timed “draw off” competition, where they each must draw a bunny, Easter scene, religious picture, etc. Have a panel of “judges” selected in advance who will vote objectively for the winner. Each child should receive a treat for competing, but the winner should get something a bit more special. If you have a wide variety of ages you can split children into categories. If you are doing it at home with your children, have a grandparent, neighbor, or friend judge the competition, and include as many children that want to participate. <i>Why It Works</i>: Sidewalk chalk is a great, fun way for kids to be creative, and the cleanup is much easier than other options. <b>Easter Bake-Off</b> Baking and decorating is a <strong>great Easter kid’s idea</strong>. Once an adult bakes a cake or cupcakes and they cool, the fun begins! Instructions and Ingredients: Once cupcakes are baked and cooled, you should gather the following: Icing divided in individual bowls, pastry bags, etc, icing gel tubes, sprinkles or edible glitter, colorful candy decorations, gummy bears, etc. Once you have divided up icing and candies, etc. and have all the ingredients set out, give each child 1 or 2 cupcakes to decorate on their own, with supervision. This idea may appeal to older kids as well. Getting to eat their masterpiece is a great incentive. Once the fun begins and the masterpieces begin coming together, make sure you take pictures and display them at any Easter themed get together that you have, or even let the kids display them to party goers. This could even be a competition of sorts, with the best looking cupcake winning a ribbon or small prize. <i>Why It Works</i>: Kids love to be creative with food, and Easter is a great time to explore that creativity and fun. Decorating cupcakes is easier than a cake, and it gives each child the opportunity to be individually creative.
By: MyClasses.org

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